Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Steps to Prevent Stress-Related Hair Loss

The holiday season is known to put extra stress on both men and women.  Worrying about trying to stretch your monthly budget to pay for extra presents for the kids and family, trying to put together a holiday feast like a professional chef and even working your way through that string of lights to figure out which one is broken, are all events that we've experienced.

We've put together a few easy tips to help you avoid hair loss during the hectic holiday season:

1.  Consult your doctor to find the cause of your hair loss.  There are many medical conditions that can contribute to your hair loss including: Iron or zinc deficiency, an excess of vitamin A, a thyroid imbalance and even prescription medications.

2.  Reduce stress in your mind.  Get a massage, start an exercise routine, or even avoid stressful situations are all good ways to reduce your stress load.

3.  Find "me" time.  Set aside 30 minutes a day to write in a journal, listen to your favorite music, or drink a cup of hot tea.  All of these things will help you relax and even increase endorphins.

If you are experiencing stress-related hair loss and need help with hair replacement techniques, please call our Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness team at 713-623-4247 and set up a free consultation appointment.  We specialize in the hair duplication business and provide our clients with a supportive and discreet environment.

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