Friday, January 30, 2015

How Do I Wash My Human Hair Wig Properly?

How often are you washing your human hair wig?  Are you washing it properly?  Do you know how much shampoo you should use?  What type of brush are you using on it?

Watch as Ricky demonstrates his tips and tricks to washing and drying a human hair wig the proper way.  His method will help you keep your wig in top shape and ensure that it looks radiant!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is Hair Loss in Women Normal?


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Top 5 Fitness Resolutions to Avoid in 2015!

1. I'm going to lose 20 pounds this year.
Have you ever noticed how busy gyms are in January and how empty they are by March? A lot of this seasonal drop-off can be attributed to overly ambitious weight loss goals. Instead, try setting a series of smaller weight loss goals that will act as stepping stones towards your longer term target.

2. I'm going to run a marathon in April.
Putting yourself through a marathon training regime takes huge effort and personal sacrifice; it's not a recommended route for establishing regular exercise habits. Instead, try to set a goal that develops an all-round training performance through cross training resistance work, cardio and some shorter distance runs. A reasonable goal for April could be a 5-10K race.

3. I'm going to try the _________ diet.
It's much better to establish healthy habits over time than it is to diet. That way, when you do achieve your goal weight, it'll actually be your new weight and not just a temporary condition brought about by extreme calorie restriction and suffering.

4. I'm going to cut out _______.
A better statement of intent would be: "I'm going to include more vegetables in my meal planning". By committing yourself to the inclusion of healthy foods like vegetables you are removing the negative foods by proxy because there just isn't going to be room for all the junk after consuming enough good quality nutrition.

5. I'm going to exercise every day.
It's great to be active, but intense training requires periods of rest and inactivity to avoid burnt out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I've had a mastectomy. Can I still wear lingerie?

Even though you've had a mastectomy, you can still wear lingerie and feel sexy!  We carry a special line of lingerie made specifically for our mastectomy clients.  They come in all different sizes, colors and styles.  And even in matching sets!  Order yours in time for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Substance from honeybee hives may help with hair loss

Could honeybees help with human hair loss?
A substance from honeybee hives might contain clues for developing a potential new therapy for human baldness: a material called propolis that encouraged hair growth in mice.
Propolis is a resinlike material that honeybees use to seal small gaps in their hives. It works as a physical barrier – but also contains active compounds that fight fungal and bacterial invasions. People from ancient times had noticed propolis’ special properties and used it to treat tumors, inflammation and wounds. Research has also shown that the substance promotes the growth of certain cells involved in hair growth, though no one had yet tested whether that in turn would result in new locks.
When researcher Ken Kobayashi and colleagues tested propolis on mice that had been shaved or waxed, the mice that received the treatment regrew their fur faster than those that didn’t. The scientists also noticed that after the topical application, the number of special cells involved in the process of growing hair increased. Although they tried the material on mice that could grow fur, rather than balding mice, the researchers note that hair loss conditions often result from abnormal inflammation. Propolis contains anti-inflammatory compounds, so they expect it could help treat balding conditions.
They add that further testing is needed to see whether the beehive material affects human hair follicles. The study appears in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry .

Read more here:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lymphedema Challenge

Actress and Academy Award winner, Kathy Bates recently kicked off theLymphatic Education & Research Network's Face of Lymphedema Challege. She proclaimed, "I'm Kathy Bates. I had a double mastectomy 2 years ago and as a result I have lymphedema in both arms. I didn't have a clue what would be involved after surgery and it was hard to find a doctor who would help me deal with, not only the physical effects, but the psychological effects as well. Struggling alone with lymphedema can feel like a punishment for having cancer. That's why I hope to bring awareness."

It's great to have such a high profile spokesperson help to bring awareness and hopefully a cure to lymphedema. Take the Face of Lymphedema Challege:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Best Free Apps To Reach New Year's Resolutions: Lose Weight, Increase Happiness And More

We’re barely into 2015, but many have undoubtedly compiled a list of resolutions that they hope to stick to this year – maybe lose a few pounds, snag a few more hours of sleep or eat a healthier diet. Though some of these may require some good old-fashioned willpower and planning, technology has made some of these tasks significantly easier, and there are a ton of apps that can help people reach their goals in no time. Check out our list below of the best apps to help reach and stick to New Year’s resolutions.
5. Pact
Like a personal trainer, Pact will make sure you don’t skip your daily workouts. Users commit to exercising a certain number of times per week, and if they miss a day money will be subtracted from their credit card or Paypal accounts. Payouts are small, but consistent gym-goers can expect to earn a little extra cash if they don’t skip. Users can also participate in challenges that encourage them to eat more vegetables or keep a food diary, two factors that scientists believe contribute to lasting weight loss.
4. Mint
Those who hope to get their finances on track should download Mint. The personal finance app allows users to place all of their bank accounts, credit card information and student loan data in one place. Users can track where they spend most of their hard-earned cash, and the app will also allow them to set budgets on different categories of spending – clothing, dining out, groceries, etc. Mint will alert has alters if users go over their spending limit. It will also help identify patterns in spending, as well as help users discover what their financial priorities are.
3. Sleepbot
Don’t want to purchase an expensive sleep tracker? Sleepbot is a free app for Android and Apple smartphones that monitors sleep patterns – a virtual sleep journal. Sleepbot even has sound and motion recording that allows users to fully understand what wakes them up at 3 a.m. or why they toss and turn. Forgetful? The app will remind users to set it to sleep mode before they turn in for the night.
Not sure how those 12 pounds crept on last year? Studies show that dieters who keep careful record of what they eat are much more likely to lose weight. MyFitnessPal has a wealth of nutritional data for thousands of fresh and packaged foods, including counts for carbohydrates, fat, calories, sugar and protein. If users can’t find a food in the database, they can always add it, along with custom meal plans they often eat. MyFitnessPal can also be linked to a number of other apps and is compatible with fitness bands like the Jawbone UP24.
Who couldn’t do with a little more happiness in their lives? The Happier app is bright and cheery, from its festive orange color to its positive subject matter. The app is highly social – users subscribe and can submit their moments of happiness and gratitude for others to read. Happier also has online courses that users can take to learn a number of useful skills – from how to stress less to basic yoga moves.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mothering through Breast Cancer: 5 Tips to Powerful Mothering Through Adversity

There is nothing more daunting to a woman who has children then to receive the diagnosis of breast cancer or any other type of serious illness. Our children are our worlds, and we are internally motivated and drawn to protect and raise them. They say there is nothing fiercer than a mama bear protecting her cubs, and when a diagnosis of cancer comes, many women feel deep fear and an unwavering will to live in an effort to continue raising her babies that makes her love her life and her children even more deeply and fiercely than ever before.
5 Tips to Mothering Through Adversity:
1. Provide Facts Only: Be completely open with your children about your diagnosis. It is important for children of all ages to have the facts about what is happening. Having all the information will actually make them less fearful and more prepared to help support you to fight. Give your children age-appropriate descriptions of what cancer is, how this may impact you physically and the ways you may feel emotionally. Allow them to ask questions and provide the space for them to share their fears and feelings. Facts eliminate more fears than does uncertainty. Facts help ground you and your children.
2. It is NOT their fault: Because children are ego-centric, they can take the diagnosis of your cancer and feel they somehow caused it to happen or that it is somehow or in some way their fault. For example, they may feel guilty for ever stressing you. It is important to reassure them, again and again, that your having breast cancer isn't anyone's fault, and that nothing they said or did, past or present, caused you to get breast cancer.
3. Cancer is not contagious: Cancer is scary to all people, but especially children. It can make all people unconsciously feel afraid of catching it, but especially younger children. It is important for both you and them that they understand their health is safe and that hugs, touching and kissing all will and need to continue to occur between you and them. Love is healing for you and them and this kind of touch is important especially in times of ill health.
4. Reassurance: It is hard for children to picture how their lives are going to work if you are really sick because as their mother, you have largely been their supplier of their schedule, lunches, social outings etc. Reassure them that, as a family, you all will work together to make sure everyone's needs are met easily and effortlessly. Extended family and friends will help as well. This gives children a sense of their security back, as they adjust to the diagnosis, that their needs and schedules will not be forgotten and things will remain in some state of normalcy.
5. Love is the answer: During stressful changes, love is what brings people through the most challenging and difficult traumas. Make sure your children know how loved they are and that the feelings of love you all have for each other can only grow from this experience. Because, as their mother, you are such an important stability in their lives, your love of them will help them the most during your healing, just as their love will help motivate you through your tough days.
Breast cancer coupled with being a mother is painful and scary for all involved. This is an incredible opportunity to model resilience and a positive mental attitude for your children. Everyone in their lives will face adversity, for some it is illness and others it may be something else traumatic, but your illness is a great opportunity to show your children how to dare greatly in the face of something scary, and this will also motivate you. It is an opportunity to show them that, at times in life, they will need to ask for help, they will feel scared and vulnerable, and they will have to sacrifice and stand tall with hard work in the face of fear.
Sherapy Advice: Breast cancer is your path back to strength, into strength and into feeling the deepest love for your life and children. Power on my beautiful women and mothers!

Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a veteran psychologist and the author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person.