Thursday, January 22, 2015

Top 5 Fitness Resolutions to Avoid in 2015!

1. I'm going to lose 20 pounds this year.
Have you ever noticed how busy gyms are in January and how empty they are by March? A lot of this seasonal drop-off can be attributed to overly ambitious weight loss goals. Instead, try setting a series of smaller weight loss goals that will act as stepping stones towards your longer term target.

2. I'm going to run a marathon in April.
Putting yourself through a marathon training regime takes huge effort and personal sacrifice; it's not a recommended route for establishing regular exercise habits. Instead, try to set a goal that develops an all-round training performance through cross training resistance work, cardio and some shorter distance runs. A reasonable goal for April could be a 5-10K race.

3. I'm going to try the _________ diet.
It's much better to establish healthy habits over time than it is to diet. That way, when you do achieve your goal weight, it'll actually be your new weight and not just a temporary condition brought about by extreme calorie restriction and suffering.

4. I'm going to cut out _______.
A better statement of intent would be: "I'm going to include more vegetables in my meal planning". By committing yourself to the inclusion of healthy foods like vegetables you are removing the negative foods by proxy because there just isn't going to be room for all the junk after consuming enough good quality nutrition.

5. I'm going to exercise every day.
It's great to be active, but intense training requires periods of rest and inactivity to avoid burnt out.

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