Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Read What a Recent Client Said About Our Services!

"THE BEST!!!!! Words can not describe the experience we had with Ricky and Kristen. Hearing the words cancer and chemo are devastating. The first thing my mother thought about was loosing her hair. As her daughter I did the research and Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness kept on coming up. So we traveled to Houston, me from New York and my mother from Miami. WOW, what a great decision!!

In 2 days Ricky ordered, colored, and cut a beautiful new wig. He spent so much time talking and listening. And Kristen, well what can I say, the patience of a Saint; always talking about the health side, what to look out for, how to manage expectations......so much that the Doctor never covered!!!

I am filled with Gratitude that we have Ricky and Kristen in our lives they are truly ANGELS!!!" 

- Debra L, Manhattan, NY

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