Friday, August 29, 2014

Strategies to Reduce Hair Pulling

Trichotillomania (also called compulsive hair pulling), is a disorder that results in repetitive hair pulling. Hair is usually pulled from the scalp, but it may be pulled from any area of the body; eyelashes and eyebrows are commonly pulled.

Below are some tips to help reduce hair pulling:

  • Monitoring and recording all hair-pulling to increase awareness of the behavior and interrupt the process
  • Strong smelling perfume on hands as a cue to increase awareness of when hands are near face
  • Jangly bracelet as an auditory cue to increase awareness of location of hands
  • Keeping hair short to reduce the availability of hair to pull
  • Wearing a hat, wig, or head scarf as a barrier to prevent pulling
  • Wearing gloves as a physical barrier to fingers and to make pulling more difficult
  • Finger toys to keep hands occupied
  • Hand exercise aids to keep hands occupied and tired
  • Crafts such as beading or knitting to keep hands occupied
  • Stroking a pet to keep hands occupied
  • Fist clenching to resist the urge to pull
  • Signs posted in places where pulling is most likely to occur as a visual reminder (i.e. a computer screen saver with a "no pulling" message)
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