Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chemotherapy Wigs Review - Color Treated Wigs Review

Thank you Janice for an awesome review on Yelp!  We love hearing from our clients about learning about their experiences with our products and services:

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You guys are an awesome team!! You made me feel comfortable and at ease at a time when I felt like my world was falling apart!! My hair, as is to most women, is very important to me so was very upsetting to know I would lose it during chemo. You matched my color and style exactly, so much so that NO ONE could tell it was a wig. I have been asked over and over "so you had chemo but you still have your hair?" I even had a lady in the grocery store last week come up to me and say "I absolutely love your hair" No one could tell I was wearing a wig and that gave me back my confidence! Your caring attitude and professionalism cannot be topped!! I recommend you guys to anyone I can!! Keep up the great work!!" - Janice

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