Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10 things you might not know about trichotillomania

1. Trich sufferers feel an “overwhelming” urge to pull their hair
2. Symptoms often start at around 11 to 13 years of age

3. Sufferers often have extreme hair loss and bald patches

4. No one’s sure what causes it

5. Treatment can include therapy and hypnosis
6. Sufferers can initially feel quite alone

7. The condition doesn’t often get a great deal of coverage

8. And as for any other mental illness, more coverage can do wonders

10. Most importantly: there is a community out there who knows all about this condition

Need support? The Trichotillomania Learning Centre is one online resource with help and support.

Ready to make a change? Come in for a consultation and we can start you on a path to recovery. Our goal at RNHW is to help give our trich clients the self confidence they need to overcome the disease. We use all types of hair replacement options including: wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions, clip-ons, micro links and bonding. 

Each trich solution is tailored to the individual client and we use creative techniques to arm our trich clients with the courage to conquer the world.

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