Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gentle Strength Training Can Improve Lymphedema

Looking for a great exercise program for lymphedema patients with stable lymphedema? Strength training can be beneficial for lymphedema because it will allow you to perform daily activities with less effort, possibly preventing injury and subsequent swelling.

If you want to start a strength training program, first talk to your doctor and always follow general safety principles listed below.

-Always wear your compression garment if you have lymphedema. If you are “AT RISK” of lymphedema it may be beneficial to wear a compression garment.

-Start with a moderate weight and work with a personal trainer

-Allow adequate rest intervals between sets

-Avoid constrictive clothing or weights that wrap tightly around an extremity

-Maintaining good hydration

-Avoid extreme heat or overheating

-Never exercise to the point of pain

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