Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Bra Following A Mastectomy

Here are some helpful tips in choosing the best bra after undergoing a mastectomy:
  1. Wide, comfortable and adjustable straps are crucial for reducing the risk of Lymphedema developments.

  2.  Good separation between the cups, with a deeper centre that sits against the breastbone will ensure the breast form is secured firmly and cannot be visible if the wearer bends forward. Deeper cups are also preferable.

  3.  Opt for deep side wings under the arms and no stiffeners to avoid rubbing or chafing on the scar tissue from lymph gland removal.

  4.  Appropriate depth in the cup will accommodate the breast form.

  5.  Pocketed bras are best for housing the breast.

  6.  For optimum comfort, opt for bras with soft fabrics and seams.
  7.  As advised by surgeons, we have found that wire free bras are, generally, better.

  8. Multi-sectioned or pre-formed cups generally give a better and fuller shape.

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