Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is MLD massage right for me?

We are often asked this question from our lymphedema and edema patients. In most cases the answer is YES!  

MLD, or Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps your body's lymphatic system to drain and aids in removing wastes, toxins, bacteria and fluid build-up from your body's tissues.

The lymphatic system is a natural detoxification system. Your lymph nodes, in your armpits and groin, are responsible for filtering out waste, which plays an extremely important role in your immune system. The lymph system produces lymphocytes to kill bacteria, which helps you prevent and fight off infection. If MLD is applied correctly, it can have profound effects on your body. Having an MLD massage can help with the following:
• Lymphedema
• Muscoloskeletal problems
• Increase effectiveness of detox following a dietary detoxification (usually recommended by a Naturopathic doctor)
• Reduce pain signals sent to the brain
• Help post-surgical recovery
• Reduce scar formation
• Decrease general fatigue and "sluggishness"

If your lymphatic system has been compromised, due to a trauma or surgery, you may be at risk or have lymphedema. MLD is a proven primary tool in the treatment of this condition. Combined with compression therapy, MLD will help your lymphedema so you can achieve better mobility and a better quality of life.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Manual lymphatic drainage is not an appropriate treatment if you have the following:
• Active cancer
• Inflammation (infection)
• Congestive Heart Failure
• Thrombosis

If you have additional questions about Manual Lymphatic Drainage, please call us at 713-623-4247 and book a consultation with one of our certified massage therapist. We will help you understand how MLD can improve your mobility and well-being.

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