Monday, June 10, 2013

Manage Lymphedema and Edema During the HOT Houston Summer

Lymphedema and chronic swelling patients have it especially rough during the HOT Houston summer. That’s why we work with our patients to offer cooler compression alternatives and tips.  I’m realistic when it comes to edema management during the summer and understand that patients need relief, not only from their edema, but from the heat.  So, I advocate using less aggressive garments during the heat of the day, and then wearing a lightweight night-time garment in order to keep the swelling under control.

Cooler Custom Garment Alternatives

One option for upper body edema is LympheDIVAS arm sleeves.  These arm sleeves are made with moisture-wicking technology, which pulls sweat away from the body.  They are also infused with aloe vera so that the arm stays moisturized and cool.  LympheDIVAS arm sleeves come in a variety of fun patterns and colors too.

A good option for a night time garment during the summer heat is the Tribute garment.  This garment is ideal for any type of edema (upper body lymphedema or lower body lymphedema).   It also has a wicking material and the foam multi-directionally pushes into the skin to move the fluid while you sleep.

Exercise Alternatives

Another thing I really encourage all of our patients to do is get into a pool.  Why?  Well, first, you do not have to wear garments and second, the water acts as a natural compression to the limbs.  It is also the best exercise for anyone as it takes the strain off of your joints.

If you would like more information about our custom garments, please call me at 713-623-4247.  We want to work with you to stay cooler in the summer heat while managing your lymphedema!

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