Friday, January 31, 2014

Cutting Off Your Hair for a Cause

After our Ricky Knowles Hair and Wellness client, Caroline Brown, was diagnosed with breast cancer, her best friend Cannon Hodge did something amazing to show her support... she cut off her Rapunzel fairy tale locks for Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Read about her story that was featured in Elle Magazine. 

By: Julie Schott

Photo credit: Alexandra Kuhn

Anne, Carey, Miley, Michelle—everyone's losing inches and looking cooler for it. Bergdorf Goodman social-media manager decides to make it count.
What do you do when your best friend of nearly two decades receives a breast-cancer diagnosis? 

Bergdorf Goodman social-media manager Cannon Hodge cut her bum-grazing, fairy-tale-princess hair into a below-the-chin crop, in hopes of contributing to a wig for her friend Caroline Brown. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, the two were inseparable, and they fulfilled their childhood pact to go to college and move to a major city. Both built fashion careers in New York City, although Brown has since relocated to Houston. 

Before Brown’s diagnosis, they even wore their hair the same way. “We have the same color and texture,” Hodge says. “She’s a long-haired Texas girl; I’m a long-haired Texas girl.” For Hodge, shearing off the extra length to make a wig for Brown was an obvious choice. But she soon learned that a full hairpiece requires up to 20 pony-tail donations—each at least eight inches long—far more than her cut alone would generate. “It’s not as easy as just snipping off your hair and turning it into a wig,” Hodge says. Still, every little bit does help.

For those looking to grow and give—or just grow and grow—hair guru John Barrett, who executed Hodge’s new do, recommends avoiding harsh chemical treatments, including coloring. Future donors should also reduce heat styling and consider replacing elastics with softer hair ties. “Also, keep in mind that it takes about 10 months of regrowth before you’ll be able to donate again,” Barrett says.

Read more at Elle Magazine.

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