Friday, June 13, 2014

The Ultimate Customized Cancer Hair Loss Wig!

World renowned hair duplication specialist, Ricky Knowles, created a customized cancer hair loss solution for a client going through cancer treatment.  Faced with radiation treatment, our 24 year old client had never cut her hair and wanted a wig that would look just like her natural 36 inch long beautiful hair.

Knowing that the longest wigs available in the industry are around 24 inches in length, we came up with a solution.  Using her own hair, we cut her natural hair and weaved it into a similar style wig to give her a truly realistic hair duplication matching her natural 36 inches!

We have never seen this technique accomplished in the industry and are proud to be able to deliver our clients "out of the box" solutions to their hair duplication needs.

Watch him explain how he crafted the wig:

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