Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cooling Cap Shows Promise to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemo

- as published in The National Hair & Skin Journal

A new scalp-cooling system called DigniCap has just been FDA cleared for final clinical trials and may soon become available in the U.S. to help prevent Chemo related hair loss.

Clinical trials done in Europe and Asia show that eight out of ten women who used the DigniCap System during chemotherapy retained their hair. Cooling the scalp during chemo sessions can narrow blood vessels around hair follicles and slow the uptake of the poison in the area.

With DigniCap, patients wear a special cap that fits snuggly on the head and contains sensors and channels through which a cooling fluid is pumped. The system continuously keeps a check on the temperature to ensure consistent application of the cooling treatment. DigniCap is made by Swedish company Dignitana.

A recent story about DigniCap was published by the Associated Press in the United States about the product and its results. You can read the story here.

Although DigniCap is not currently available for U.S. cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, our team here at Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness will assist you or a loved one during chemotherapy hair loss and create a personalized hair loss solution to help you feel confident during your treatment. For more information about how we can help, call us at 713-623-4247.

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