Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and am terrified about losing my hair during chemotherapy treatment! How can Ricky Knowles Hair and Wellness help me?

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer her world is rocked off its axis.  And frequently treatment involves surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, which can result in hair loss.  Often women find hair loss from chemotherapy treatment more emotionally devastating than the diagnosis of cancer itself.

At Ricky Knowles Hair and Wellness, we set ourselves apart from other traditional wig shops because we are in the hair duplication business.  We provide a supportive and discreet environment for all of our clients; hair loss, mastectomy or lymphedema clients.  Our dedicated team will help guide you through your hair loss by:

  • educating you about the effects of chemotherapy and when to expect hair loss to occur
  • verifying and billing your insurance
  • assisting you in choosing the right cranial prosthesis for your lifestyle
  • prepping your new hair for delivery
  • serving as your extended support system throughout the whole process

When a client is faced chemotherapy hair loss, we ask them to immediately come in with their cranial prosthesis prescription before chemotherapy treatment begins, for a complimentary consultation.  During this consultation we will discuss all of your options to help you stay confident during your temporary hair loss.

We will then educate you about the different types of wigs (human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs) and help you decide what hair loss solution will work best for you to give you the most realistic duplication of your natural hair.

All of our consultation rooms are private and are equipped with the best salon hair styling equipment available.  A team member will explain the process of when hair loss will begin and most importantly when your natural hair will regrow.

If you choose a human hair wig, Ricky Knowles, our internationally-renowned wig stylist will color, and hi-light the hair.  Synthetic hair wigs, cannot be colored or hi-lighted, but there are many shades and hues available.

Since we assist many women and men during their chemotherapy treatment, we've become personal cheerleaders, empowering our clients in their individual fight against cancer.

Many clients will request to have us shave or cut their hair short, so that they are in charge of their hair loss. At this point, a RNHW team member will teach you how to care for your scalp and fit you with your new hair and cut and style the new hair.  After the finishing touches are completed, we will even demonstrate scarf tying methods and show you our selection of stylish turbans and hats.

We stand by our methods and will deliver a final product that will make you feel confident in your new hair.  Since our goal is to duplicate your natural hair and style, our clients look good and feel good with Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness by their side!

For more information about our line of natural and synthetic wigs, or to schedule a free consultation, call us at 713-623-4247.

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