Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I suffer from Trichotillomania, or Trich. My hair pulling has caused bald patches on my head. Is there some sort of hair loss solution that you can recommend for my condition?

Trichotillomania is a disorder where there is an irresistible desire to pull out one’s hair. At Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, we get calls every week from a person who has trich. 
Our team has created a safe and private environment for our clients.  We strive to be a part of your recovery, working in tandem with you to boost your confidence and help you reach your goal to stop hair pulling.
As problem-solvers, we use a specialized medical adhesive to bond hair to the head to cover bald spots.  By using this unique bond, the new hair stays on for a full month, ensuring that you can return to a normal lifestyle and enjoy various activities such as swimming without the worry of the new hair detaching.  
Clients can wash their new hair, blow it dry, and even use a curling or flat iron.  By covering the “hot spots” with hair that looks and feels natural, it helps our clients feel as if the new hair is a part of them, and gives them time to gain the confidence and strength to face their triggers.
Our trich hair replacement process allows our clients to take the steps necessary to return to a normal life.  We are so proud of our Trich clients.  They are smart, successful, beautiful and strong! 
Contact us at 713-623-4247 to find out how we can help you or a loved one find a solution to stop hair pulling.

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