Friday, May 9, 2014

Lymphedema Treatment Act Needs Your Help!

The Lymphedema Treatment Act now has four new cosponsors, bringing the total to 37: Hastings (R-WA4), Lobesack (D-IA2) Schakowsky (D-ILL9) Yoho (R-FL3).

Have you called/written your representative since the bill was introduced on January 15th?

Take 5 minutes of your time and contact your representative and ask that he/she cosponsor our bill HR 3877.

Specific goals of the Act are:

  • -to provide comprehensive lymphedema treatment coverage, according to current medical treatment standards;
  • to enable patient self-treatment plan adherence by providing necessary medical supplies for use at home, as prescribed for each patient (including gradient compression garments, bandages, and other compression devices); 
  • to reduce the total healthcare costs associated with this disease by decreasing the incidence of complications, co-morbidities and disabilities resulting from this medical condition.
Help support this important legislation! 

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